Where to invest in 2020?

According to the forecasts of international organizations, in 2020-2021 we are expecting the financial crisis, which was greatly facilitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not the first year in Ukraine and Russia that a difficult investment climate has been observed, caused by military and political risks. Against the backdrop of such a serious decline in the economy, investors are more cautious about the contribution of their money. Where is it safe for an investor to invest in 2020?

 One of the most profitable types of investments is still the purchase of commercial or residential real estate. In some European countries, such as Cyprus, investing in real estate has an additional bonus. Foreign investors can count on obtaining a residence permit, and subsequently EU passport. Buying a home in a country like Cyprus is not only a good investment, but also the opportunity for the whole family to live by the sea, enjoying the fantastic beauty of nature and a peaceful atmosphere.

Many experts argue that the best form of investment is investing in the future. And what could be better than investing in the future of your child? Such a contribution will not only fully pay for itself in the future, but will also give the child a powerful pulse for a successful professional future, will allow him to get acquainted with a new culture, make useful contacts, achieve a high language level and travel. The most popular are English schools, colleges and universities – studying there is considered the most prestigious, and diplomas of education have weight in any country in the world.

Those who want to invest small sums with minimal risk should invest in gold. Gold stably remains the safest asset when viewed from the perspective of long-term deposits. Precious metal does not lose demand and does not undergo sharp price spikes. In times of crisis, as it is now, gold is considered the most sought-after asset.

Another powerful trend in the investment world is cryptocurrency. Now it is often equated with gold – more than 50% of investors prefer to invest in Bitcoins rather than in precious metals. It is difficult to predict, but in 2020, bitcoins are on everyone’s lips. At the same time, the growth in the price of cryptocurrency continues to this day. Today, stock brokers offer convenient conditions for investing in cryptocurrency without the need to understand the essence of blockchain and mining.

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