Annual return on investment up to 5%
Remote purchase of exclusive Cyprus real estate from the developer from €400,000
The high safety standards, friendly inhabitants and relaxed atmosphere with 340 sunny days and Mediterranean Sea, modern infrastructure, steadily blooming economy and unique, advantageous tax regulations make Cyprus one of the most attractive country in the world.
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We promise and deliver exceptional homes and places that are known for world-class design, lasting quality and genuine customer care. “We don’t build buildings - we create lifestyles.”
“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.”- Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. president
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Frequently asked questions related to the acquisition of real estate in Cyprus:
1. What are the types of Visas in Cyprus?

1. Travel:
For citizens of Russia and Ukraine, visas are called Provisa. You can get this visa quite easily – by submitting an application online through the site, and the visa will come to you automatically within a day.

2. Schengen visa:
An important point on the use of a Schengen visa is the need for an initial entry into the country whose visa you have, after which you can fly to Cyprus during the entire duration of your visa.

3. Visitor Visa:
A visitor visa is issued for a period of 1 year. In this case, you must show the availability of funds in your Cyprus account – at least 10 thousand euros for the applicant and at least 5 thousand euros for one financially dependent family member. To provide this visa, you will need a rental contract. This visa is called Pink Sleep.

4. Visa category F:
Category F visa is intended for wealthy families who can show the immigration service of Cyprus a constant sufficient income from abroad.

* After 7 years of living in Cyprus, you can apply for a Cyprus Passport.

2. What are the ways to obtain Cyprus citizenship?

1st method – by naturalization after 7 years of residence

2nd method – through investments in the amount of 2 million and 150 thousand euros – it will take 6 months.

3. What is the cost of rental housing in Cyprus?

The cost of renting an apartment or house depends on the choice of the city where you plan to live.

If this is Limassol, the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment is from 750-800 euros.

In Larnaca – from 700 euros.

In Paphos – 500-600 euros.

4. What is the cost of utilities in Cyprus?

The cost of water is 200 euros / for 4 months

The cost of electricity is 300-400 euros / 2 months

5. What is the cost of education in Cyprus?

Public schools are free for all residents of Cyprus, including foreigners.

Private schools – 4000-6000 euros in Paphos and Larnaca, 7000-9000 euros in Limassol.

Kindergardens – 300-400 euros / month

Sport clubs – from 50 euro / month

Dancing, music – from 80 euros / month

Language courses – from 100 euros / month

Private lessons – from 25 euros / month

6. What is the cost of food in Cyprus?

The cost of food in Cyprus for a family with two people will be approximately 600 euros / month. For example, lunch in a restaurant will cost you about 20-25 euros per person.

7. What is the annual property tax in Cyprus?

There is no annual property tax in Cyprus.

8. What attracts foreigners in Cyprus?
  • Good weather
  • Warm sea
  • Good ecology
  • English Law and English Education
  • Business protection
  • Favorable taxation
  • Ease of doing business within the EU
  • The presence of an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation
  • The Big Russian Diaspora (about 50 thousand people)
  • Good attitude to foreigners
  • Low corporate tax -12.5%, special tax for IT companies-2.5%
  • The presence of Russian and English schools
  • Availability of direct flights to Moscow, Kiev, London, Athens
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