Moving to Cyprus: pros and cons

Moving to Cyprus: pros and cons - недвижимость Кипра фото 1

There are many positive benefits to relocating to Cyprus:

Perhaps the main plus — is the climate. About ten months is a really hot summer, and the remaining couple of months is winter, with an average temperature of up to + 20 degrees.

The infrastructure of the beaches is well developed and, of course, the cleanest sea. Everything is arranged for both tourists and residents – Cypriots. After all, resting on the beach is a common thing for them.

Nature, landscapes cannot be compared with anything, they are beautiful.

Tickets are inexpensive, easy to get a visa, and flight time is 4 hours.

All Cypriots are very welcoming and friendly. They are pleasant to talk to and do not feel any racism or negativity towards those who came to permanent residence at all.

Fruit trees grow all year round. The fruits can be picked directly from the trees, or bought at the supermarket.

Lots of Russian speakers, and the rest all know English. Living in Cyprus, you may not know Greek.

The food is delicious. 

As for the wine, it deserves special attention. Huge selection of cheeses and meat dishes.

Seals are everywhere on the streets, and you can admire them forever.

Calm criminal environment. 

Arriving here with children, you will feel safe. And although the police are practically not visible on the streets, it is safe here.

As for the arguments “against”, it is perhaps worth mentioning the following:

Public transport. 

Here it walks quite rarely. There is a schedule, but no one follows it. The bus can easily pass by, and it will take you a lot of time to get to the neighboring city, despite the short distance.

You should also forget about taxis, as the fares are very high.

Variety of insects. Ants and flying huge cockroaches are huge. Mosquito nets are everywhere. Although ants do not fly, it is not worth leaving even a tiny piece of food, as they “occupy” everything that is edible.

The measured way of life of local residents is called siga-siga, since they never rush anywhere, which can be a disadvantage if an urgent need to resolve some issue, for example, to get a certificate or to repair something.

Leisure options are scarce. There is an opportunity to plunge into the wonderful world of numerous galleries and art workshops. But, for example, there are few concerts. Cypriots in this case go to a bar or restaurant.

Medicines are very expensive, even the simplest drugs.

There is no centralized heating, since it is not cold in winter and it is quite possible to get by with a convector, but then the payment for electricity will increase.

This is life in Cyprus. But of course, this is not all the pros and cons.

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