How to choose a better way to buy real estate property in Cyprus?

How to choose a better way to buy real estate property in Cyprus? - недвижимость Кипра фото 1

If you are planning to buy real estate in Cyprus, we suggest you read our review in order to make the right choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of purchasing real estate on the seaside

When looking for an apartment on the seashore, you should choose carefully. When choosing an acceptable accommodation, it is important to remember that there may be only a few meters to the sea, but to the beach, you may have to take some kind of transport: car or public.

Cost of the apartment will depend on location. The most expensive apartments are, of course, in Limassol, and the cheapest are in Paphos.

The advantages are:

 Availability of sea

 A lot of beaches nearby

 Absence of industrial establishments 

 Big variety of amusements ( restaurants, night clubs, bars)

Great infrastructure 

               Public transport

Disadvantages are:Что же касается недостатков, то среди них стоит выделить:

Big tourists flow 

In winter time, life in some cities of Cyprus, such as Ayia Napa and Protaras, practically stops

It is better to buy real estate in several of the largest centers: Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia-Napa, Protaras.

Limassol is one of the most visited places in Cyprus. All services are superbly cooperating here, there are international schools, lyceums and institutes, kindergartens, and various cultural centers. In addition, you can always find entertainment here. Citizens of the CIS quite often turn their gaze to this particular city.

The cost of any apartments will vary depending on the area in which they are located and how old the building is. The most fashionable areas of the city:

Tourists zone — hotel 4 Seasons to the hotel Crown Plaza

Amathusia – Santa Barbara area all the way to Le Meridien;

Limassol Marina 

Zakaki и Trachoni – are the cheapest areas. In the city center, the price of property depends on how new the building is and what kind of building it is: its class. The city is being built up at a fast pace, due to the fact that those who want to buy an apartment in Limassol and Cyprus are growing exponentially.

Today, luxury real estate is very common, which wealthy citizens will certainly want to buy.

Property in Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city on the island. The presence of an international airport does not at all interfere with the measured course of life of the townspeople.

The city is famous for its international schools, colleges and universities. The catering infrastructure is well developed here. Bars, restaurants, cafes, everything is in abundance.

Having decided to acquire property in Larnaca, you will spend one and a half less money than for the same housing in Limassol. It is worth noting that the cost is directly proportional to the location of your potential property and how far it is from the city center and from the sea coast.

What about apartments in Paphos?

Paphos is conventionally divided into several parts, namely 2: Kato Paphos – Lower Paphos and Pano Paphos – Upper Paphos.

Lower Paphos, first of all, is the territory of tourists, the place where most of the hotels, architectural monuments, and catering establishments are located. The cost of apartments in this area is higher due to its popularity among investors.

Upper Paphos is the city center, where the administration offices are located. Those who want to acquire an apartment will be surprised, because here they are cheaper, the area is far from the sea, and yet this does not make it less popular.

Comparing the possible costs of property in Paphos and Limassol, we can conclude that spending in Paphos will be approximately 1.5 times less.

Ayia Napa and Protaras – the center of tourism on the island of Aphrodite

The small number of hypermarkets, the lack of international training centers, suggests that the infrastructure here is aimed at vacationers. In winter, these cities seem to cease to exist.

The housing stock of Aya-Napa is outdated. Staying in it cannot be long-term. When buying real estate, you should pay attention to the documents proving ownership, since in Ayia Napa there are frequent facts of fraud and inaccurate documents. Recently, many new buildings have appeared, among which everyone will find what he likes.

Property can also be purchased in the village

All the pros and cons of purchasing housing in rural areas are obvious. The price of housing, as well as the condition, is determined by the degree of congestion and the level of infrastructure. Big cities are always accompanied by satellite villages, where the construction of new apartments is in full swing.


proximity to major cities (up to half an hour by car);

low cost of housing;

low crime rate.

As for the cons, the following should be highlighted:

almost complete absence of catering establishments;

lack of training opportunities for foreigners;

lack of cultural events;

lack of mega-markets;

Factors that can affect the purchase of a home in a mountainous area

The mountains of Cyprus are home to up to half a thousand inhabitants. There are many small villages here. Such an area is best suited for those who prefer solitude, but it is a good investment, since this way, you take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. The air of the mountains of Cyprus is unusually clean.

The benefits include:

the summer is pleasantly cool: the temperature regime is an order of magnitude lower;


the cost of housing is low;

there are practically no vacationers;


Cons include:

lack of international educational centers;

lack of a cultural sector;

lack of doctors and medical staff;

long distance to the center.

Why you should consider purchasing an apartment in the main city of Cyprus

Nicosia is not only the capital of the island, but also the center of industry and industrial progress. The cultural sector is also developed at the highest level. Accommodation here, of course, is cheaper than by the sea. 

Among the indisputable advantages:

regular cultural events;

a huge selection of supermarkets, shops, medical centers;

the work of all services is coordinated;

training opportunities for foreigners;

work of all kinds of catering establishments;

offices of famous brands and the opportunity to do business with them


a long way to the sea;

increased noise level;

heat in summer;

dense population density.

It is better to entrust everything related to real estate to professionals

Only real professionals in the property business know how to resolve problems with buying real estate. 

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