Moving a Belarusian to Cyprus. Interesting notes and individual features

Moving a Belarusian to Cyprus. Interesting notes and individual features - недвижимость Кипра фото 1

Many things that are considered a sign of luxury in our country are quite common here. For example, the presence of a pool. Here, each and every one has a private pool. And this is by no means a luxury. An open-air pool, if you live in a house, and not locked in a concrete box. It should be noted that houses in Cyprus are much cheaper than apartments in new buildings in major cities of the island.
Sunny weather and a lot of beaches nearby — what could be better? And it doesn’t tire at all.
Movement on the roads is not difficult, there are no traffic jams.
Driving a car is a joy here. It is worth mentioning that distances here are perceived in a completely different way, since you can get from one end of the island to the other in just a couple of hours.
Calm criminal environment.
You can leave the windows of the car and the house open, and the doors unlocked at least for the whole day. An alarm is not needed at all. The laptop can be left on the table in the garden and nothing happens to it. The right to private property is inviolable here, as in England.
There are practically no social differences.
Seeing a man in a shabby shirt and on a bicycle, it would never even occur to you that this person may own hectares of land on the seashore and turn over millions in the tourism and hotel business. Such a person will not drive to work in a luxurious sports car or limousine, hire security guards, put on an expensive suit for several thousand dollars and sparkle with gold. It is not accepted here. Arriving at the restaurant, he will order himself an expensive wine and settle down at a table overlooking the sea, but only because he wants to enjoy the view of the sea. He will happily keep up a conversation about literature, sports or how to plant a tree if he has a fruit business.
About fruits. Fruit in Cyprus is visible – invisible. Fruit trees are everywhere. Oranges, lemons lie under your feet. At first it seems wild, because in our country they are quite expensive, but then you get used to it.
The people here are very friendly
Having purchased everything you need in the supermarket and going to the checkout, you notice that the cashier smiles at you completely sincerely, because he really wants to serve you. And he does it not for money, but simply because he wants to please you with all his heart. This is immediately apparent.
Pedestrians matter
The road is crossed here not only at specialized crossings, but also simply on any section of the road. And the cars stop. Otherwise, there will be a fine. You can just raise your hand and start crossing the road. They will let you through and will not honk.
All road users are “teammates,” one might say. Having lost your way or having blocked the passage by accident, they will help you and tell you how to get out of such a situation, the road can be shown on the map.
Bars and restaurants, cafes
Gifts are given to regular customers in the cafe. The owners of the establishments respect their regular customers. They do this because they want to please you. It is noteworthy that you can even be treated to lunch for free.
Here everyone has a desire to make each other pleasant
Thus, people want to show that they respect and trust each other. There was once a case when a man forgot his money in the office and, having arrived at a gas station, he was filled with a full tank, without even asking for a deposit of some kind. There is certainly a lot to learn from the Cypriots – mutual respect, goodwill, partnership.

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