Common desire for every British citizen is a residence permit for living in Cyprus.

Common desire for every British citizen is a residence permit for living in Cyprus. - недвижимость Кипра фото 1

Due to the statistics which were presented by the Migration Department, more than 15 thousand british inhabitants submitted applications for getting residence permission for living in Cyprus (after a BREXIT referendum). 

To date, residence permission is valid for 32281 inhabitants of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Every EU citizen has to present this document in 4 month after arrival.

More than 8 thousand citizens of the UK want to have a permit for permanent living in Cyprus like the other Europeans, who lived in Cyprus for more than 5 years, due to current legislation.

Aged Brits are common guests in Cyprus 

Most of the people who want to obtain a certificate are at the age of 55+. 

More than 350 people are young —  from 18 to 24 years old, about 1200 belong to the age category that is about 40, and about 1200 citizens are those who are already 40 but not yet 55. More than 4000 people, the largest number of citizens, citizens of the oldest generation.

No more than 50 young residents of foggy albion, under the age of 25, have applied for a permanent residence certificate, about 100 people who have not reached the age of 40, no more than 500 citizens of the United Kingdom aged 41 to 55, and 6,200 people are people over 55 years old. 

According to the latest data, 400 registration certificate applications have been registered, and 150 people are awaiting permanent residence certificates.

Period of time, which is needed for getting a  certificate of registration — from 1 to 30 days; for getting a certificate for permanent living – from 1 to 6 months.

The province of Paphos — the place where people who lived in Britain want to spend their life. About 1,100 applications for registration certificates were submitted to Famagusta, 815 applications to Nicosia, 1050 to Larnaca, 1,300 to Limassol and 3,700 to Paphos. In order to obtain a certificate of permanent residence in Famagusta, 1200 applications were submitted, 300 – to Nicosia, 815 to Larnaca, 1300 to Limassol and 3500 to Paphos. And their number is growing.

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