Cyprus — it’s a dream island!

Cyprus — it’s a dream island! - недвижимость Кипра фото 1

We can show you plenty of reasons why you should live there: warm climate zone, hospitality of local inhabitants, high infrastructure development, and a wide variety of places for living. Also, you can choose which place here you like the most! 

Russian tourists and homebuyers choose Limassol for the perspectives, which it has. 

In Limassol, you will have the opportunity to find stores, schools, job offers, which will be provided by Russian-speaking citizenry. Natives of Limassol can freely communicate with anybody from CIS countries.

Limassol — one of the most prestigious and elite city of Cyprus. You will find a plurality of shopping malls and evolving businesses here. Due to the good location in the central part of the island nearby airports — flow of tourists is increasing. It means that you can make money from leasing your property and service provision. 

Limassol — real jewel of the South shore. The length of an island is about 15 km. Large villas and residences are situated alongside the shore, so we can compare it to the pearls on the thread. 

There is no big deal in finding places to live: hotels, resorts, private houses.

To be honest, Limassol it’s a unique place. It’s a combination of the Old town architecture with modern present-day business part of the city. It is the main reason why foreign investors find this place really attractive.

Tourists left large sums for enjoying the rich cultural branch of a city. In addition, all visitors can familiarize themselves with the history of  villages situated nearby Limassol. 

Limassol has been a production center of Cyprus for a long time. There are a lot of vineyards, creameries, and milk processing enterprises. 

Limassol is a chief seat of commerce due to some reasons: 

  • good place for starting a business project here; 
  • outsource, financial, juridical, tax spheres are on high level and they often search for new employees. 
  • Limassol — is a huge international port, which is capable of serving trade and passenger vessels. 

The main attraction for Russian-speaking investors is the well-developed tourist sphere. Despite the fact that the government repealed the law of providing citizenship for all owners of real property, Limassol is still a great place for living. 

When you choose real property from a Cyprus developer — you make the right investment!

For a couple of years,  Limassol is the main urban center of Cyprus. 

VIDI Group — the best real property developer, offers a large variety of places for living for foreign investors. 

This investment will bring good dividends in the future. 

Business of ranting is booming here even in winter. Hotels here are always open. Tourist flow, which again increased after pandemic restrictions, pays off not only expenses on buying real property, but also brings new income from entertainment and trade spheres. 

There are plenty of reasons, why you should live in  Limassol: large Russian diaspora, developing touristic sphere, high income from rental hosting, which can be a great part of your passive income. 

Also, don’t forget about the possibility of providing citizenship for all your family, which gives you the opportunity of developing your business not only in Limassol, but also in other regions of Cyprus.

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