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Creating businesses on Cyprus – common decision of investors from  CIS countries. 

Main reasons are: 

  • Absence of administration problems in business;
  • Low taxes and taxation;
  • The government is loyal to foreign investors.

Here we are going to answer questions like: are these reasons compelling for starting a business on Cyprus? Which decision will lead to better income: buy or open a business? 

What type of investigations should you choose?

If you have these characteristics, you should start a business on Cyprus right now:

  • You want to put a large sum of money in a country with a stable economic situation.
  • You are searching for a country without corruption schemes.
  • Furthermore, you want to develop your business on European Market.
  • You care for the safety of your investigations.
  • You look forward to changing your  place of living.

There are plenty of variations and forms of doing business. The common business solutions are: private companies, open joint-stock communities, co-operatives with the foreign companies.  All these forms of businesses have advantages and disadvantages, and you should choose a niche, which will be appropriate for your individual criteria.

Common businesses for Cyprus.

What is the most available form of business for foreign investors: 

Rendering of trade and intermediary services, holding activities, construction and engineering activities, publishing and printing house, services in the field of maritime transport, insurance, international banks.

But one of the most prospective niches of business for foreigners — buy real property on Cyprus and use it as a source of income.

If you invest your money in real estate in Cyprus – you made the best decision ever!

Every year the island is visited by millions of tourists, who need somewhere to live, relax and just spend their free time. If you have chosen Cyprus,as your place of work, real estate investments will definitely not become unprofitable. Whether it’s Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca or any other region of the country, the acquired property will become a stable source of income.

What attracts you to Cypriot housing and commercial premises?

This is the constant dynamics of property prices in Cyprus, a steadily increasing demand for rent and law taxation. When you buy real estate in Cyprus from a developer, you manage to spend a minimum of funds with almost complete guarantees, not only of the return of the invested amount, but also of obtaining constant profit.

Real estate market. What should you choose?

VIDI Group — the best real property developer, offers a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate on the island in the best tourist regions. Here you can buy both: modest apartments,  luxury villas. The cost of them opens up attractive prospects for the owner in the form of obtaining permanent residence according to an accelerated procedure and the possibility of legalizing the whole family of the investor in the country. When you  choose a property in Cyprus, you should think of whether you plan to permanently reside on the island or whether you want to apply for a residence permit for your spouse, children, parents. If you want to move to the island, you need to spend a certain amount specified by law. In this case, almost all Cypriot paths will be open for you. 

Why is it very profitable to develop your own business on Cyprus?

Besides the warm climate and breathtaking nature, Cyprus attract investors from all the countries because of some reasons: 

  • Taxation is really very low or just completely absent;
  • Making a profit from foreign currency is  easy and safe because of a simplified system of foreign exchange regulation;
  • You’re getting the opportunity to cooperate with European banks and partners from the EU countries;
  • Transparency of the reporting system and assistance of the state in attracting foreign capital.

Real estate business in Cyprus is really profitable.You can start working in this country right now – the state actively supports every investor.

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