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Planning a vacation or permanent residence in another country, you usually want to get ready in advance for the upcoming costs and find out how much life in a new place costs. If your goal is Cyprus, you could get acquainted with the average prices for basic needs in this article.

How much does it cost to eat deliciously in Cyprus

As in any other European country, in Cyprus, you can spend different amounts on food. Food in expensive restaurants and in small taverns costs fundamentally different amounts. How much to spend is up to you. So, the average prices for restaurant food in Cyprus 2021:

  • in a small tavern, lunch for 1 person costs 10 euros;
  • lunch for two in a traditional tavern called a meze – costs 40 euros (a set of three or more dishes);
  • you can eat at McDonald’s for 6 euros (combo lunch);
  • a glass of local beer (0.5 liters) costs an average of 2 euros;
  • imported beer in a glass of 0.33 costs 3.50 euros;
  • you can drink a cup of cappuccino for 2 euros, and a jar of Pepsi for 1.50 euros;
  • 0.33 water costs 1 euro.

Mentioned above are relevant for inexpensive establishments. The closer the restaurant is to the sea or the city center, the higher the cost of food and drinks are. For example, in one of the most popular and expensive restaurants in Limassol, a duck dish with oranges and olives costs 24 euros, and you also have to pay 35 euros for a beef fondue.

If restaurants are not on the list of places to visit daily, check out the prices for groceries in shops and supermarkets in Cyprus. It’s much cheaper to cook your own food! 

Average prices in 2021 are:

  • bread – 1.36 euros;
  • milk (1l) – 1.31 euros;
  • a kilogram of rice costs 1.55 euros;
  • chicken fillet – 5.79 euros;
  • a kilogram of beef can be bought for a little less than 9 euros;
  • cheese (1 kg) – 7.70 euros.

Drinks in shops are also cheaper than in restaurants: you can buy local beer for 0.93 euros, and imported beer for 1.1 euros. A bottle of wine made in Cyprus costs 2.96 euros, and water (one and a half liters) – 0.67 euros. A pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs 4.5 euros.

How much do fruits cost in Cyprus? Local fruits are very cheap for buyers, for example, oranges can be bought for 0.79 euros, and tangerines – from 0.39 euros. But imported apples will be unpleasantly surprised by their cost – from 1.49 euros per kilogram. Local cherries cost almost 7 euros, while peaches cost 2.75 euros. Cheap melons and watermelons in Cyprus – 0.95 and 0.39 euros, respectively.

Vegetables are attracted by the quality and price: tomatoes are sold at a price of 0.35 euros, cucumbers are slightly more expensive, cabbage – 0.30 euros. Bell peppers are more expensive – from 1.30 euros. Eggplants and carrots cost up to 1 euro, while potatoes and cabbage cost an average of 0.3 euro.

Clothes and shoes: be stylish

Looking trendy – how affordable is this in Cyprus? Unpleasant news awaits mods – prices for textiles in Cyprus are quite high. But you can take advantage of the sales offers and buy T-shirts from 10 euros, summer dresses from 25 euros, a swimsuit from 20 euros. Shoes for men will cost from 100 euros, branded sneakers from 80 euros. A handbag can be purchased for 44 euros (leather), and branded jeans for 60 euros.

Entertaining or saving?

Arriving in Cyprus to rest or live, you want to see all the sights of the island as soon as possible. How much does it cost to go on an excursion? Depending on the chosen route, your wallet could lose 20-300 euros. Overview of the island costs 60 euros per person, visiting Famagusta – 55 euros, Akamas – 55 euros. For 40 euros you can get to know “Ancient Cyprus”, for 60 euros you can visit wineries and have a tasting, for 40 euros you can take a tour of the monasteries of the island. The cost of individual excursions will be different – you can find out by contacting the service provider.

Lovers of active entertainment should also be prepared for the costs:

  • you can ride a boat with a transparent bottom for 80 euros per person;
  • go on a quad bike on a safari – for 50 euros;
  • you can go to the water park for 50 euros.

Do you want extremes? You can rent a yacht for one and a half thousand for a day with the captain, and go fishing, for example, for tuna.

Transport costs

To move around Cyprus, buses, taxis or rental vehicles such as a car, a bike. A public transport ticket is inexpensive – 1.5 euros. You will have to pay twice as much at night. To save money, you can buy a travel card for the required period (from 1 day to a month).

Taxi is not a very expensive pleasure. Payment is made according to the counter at day and night rates. During the day you will pay 0.73 euros for 1 km of the way, at night – 4.3 euros for the same distance.

If you plan to move a lot and quickly – rent a car or bike:

  • scooter rental – up to 20 euros per day;
  • motorcycle rental – from 30 euros;
  • car rental – from 9 euros.

You can live in Cyprus for your own pleasure and at minimal cost. The main thing is to find out in advance how much the product or service you are interested in costs and to find the best options for purchasing them.

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