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Education in institutions in Cyprus is gaining momentum in popularity. Such a choice of foreign students is quite justified – studying on the island is comfortable and profitable. A pleasant climate, the absence of cold winters (and the need to spend money on warm clothes and shoes), the loyalty of local people to foreigners, affordable prices, excellent living conditions are just some reasons why students choose Cyprus.

Another reason for the popularity of Cypriot universities is the opportunity to get a European education. Degrees obtained in Cyprus are equivalent to degrees awarded in English, German, Austrian universities, and the cost of studying in Cyprus is lower. Moreover, Cyprus is a multilingual state. More than 90% of the island’s inhabitants have fluent English. The number of English-language programs in universities is huge, and there will be no problems with the development of other languages ​​- for example, in the southern part of the island during your studies, you will definitely learn Greek, which is spoken by almost all residents.

Why choose education  in Cyprus

Education in Cyprus offers a number of benefits:

  • a country with a warm mild climate;
  • tolerant attitude of local people;
  • there is a large Russian-speaking diaspora;
  • there are no entrance examinations for private educational institutions;
  • there are no entrance examinations in some state educational institutions;
  • the quality of education is monitored at the state level;
  • diplomas are recognized all over the world and are highly regarded;
  • there are good job prospects.

Study in Cypriot universities is based on an American approach, which also attracts students. For adherents of the British education system, there is also a considerable choice of educational institutions. These two systems are recognized as the best and most effective, which also increases the popularity of Cyprus as a study destination.

Entry and study features in Cyprus

Choosing the American system of education, the student independently plans the training schedule, chooses the subjects. The level of knowledge is checked by regular exams – one is held in the middle of the semester and helps determine the degree of understanding and assimilation of the material. Students take the second exam at the end of the second semester – its results allow assessing the knowledge gained and awarding a certain number of points for the passed subject.

Study can be combined with work from the second semester of study. And although the choice of vacancies for students is small, the income is enough to comfortably live in a foreign country and study.

Foreigners can enter educational institutions in Cyprus immediately after receiving a certificate of complete secondary education (completion of 11 classes of school or college). For admission, you will have to pass several tests that will help determine the level of knowledge of the applicant. The only important rule for applicants is knowledge of the language in which the subjects will be taught (in most cases, English). Applicants must provide a certificate of passing the international exam (English – level B and above).

What degrees can be obtained in Cyprus? As in most European countries, this is a bachelor’s, master’s, doctor’s degree. The cost of training starts from 4 thousand euros per semester. There is no free education for foreigners on the island, but there are scholarships that will help to return up to 50% of the payment made.

The most popular specialties in Cyprus

What specialty should you enter in Cyprus? The list of the most demanded includes the following industries:

  • hotel and restaurant and tourism business;
  • medicine;
  • philological, psychological, historical sciences;
  • information Technology;
  • PR, advertising, marketing;
  • economics and business.

Engineering and technical faculties are in great demand among foreign applicants, which allow them to get a well-paid job in European countries in the future.

After graduation, the graduate gets a whole year to look for a dream job – the permit will allow him not to leave the island and significantly increase the chances of young specialists for successful employment.

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